Week 1


The demolition team has begun in earnest. Their plan is to access the roof from inside (no ladders!) to remove the chimneys and edge tiles that are concreted in. They will remove the ridge, then the whole roof will unzip.

After the roof, they’ll remove the overhanging first floor extension by hand. It’s a safety concern because the building is so close to the neighbours at that corner. I’ve been looking forward to having that carbuncle removed from the house for years!

Our neighbour’s tree blew half-over in the storm last Monday, and the tree surgeons have been busy removing it today. I like the way they strung it up by the oak it landed in and slowly lowered it in the road, cutting section by section. It’s a busy day down the Lane!

Half a tree
Floating tree
neighbour’s tree removal
Guys on the roof removing the boiler flue and chimney
No more chimney
no more roof!


Steve the Site Manager and Dulux have been preparing the site for the demolition team. Their office hut arrived today and they’ve been setting up an additional store and mess area in the garage. They have to refelt the garage as most of the roof has blown off in recent storms. The rest of the prep involved tree protection and door-removal.

front of the house 07 April 2016
Site office arrives
red paint denotes electrical cable underground (in the filled-in ditch)

6 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Wow! Sad as it is to see the old house fade away and ultimately removed, along with a decade and a half of memories, family building, family life, and the number of stories that have taken root there, I’m happy for you that your plans are finally reaching fruition. May you indeed celebrate Christmas 2016 in the new house.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comments! Yes, it’s been a while and it’s sad to see the building disappear. But it will be millions of times better to see the new one take its place!


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