Week 2


We took the day off house-gawping yesterday as we were all scattered to the winds doing fun things.

Today, the sun is bright, and I’m reminded of why we are doing this project. In having a look at the destruction, the birds around us were chirping, the lane was quiet, and the sun was warm. Gorgeous.

But it makes me kind of wistful looking at the old fireplace sitting there intact amongst the rubble. Doorways are the weirdest; I remember chasing children through the warren of rooms, and now there is nothing.

But there’s no looking back and I can’t wait for more progress and seeing the rest of it flattened this week!

A man’s home…?
The decor has improved significantly
At least the sky is beautiful



The demolition team is working really hard to get through the house. It’s not so much the knocking down, it’s the sorting and finessing all the materials into different piles. The wood goes off somewhere, the bricks set into pallets, and the real junk (most!) goes off somewhere else. Alan says that it would take a blink of an eye to knock the thing down, but a further two weeks to sort through the materials. This way appears tedious, they’ll be done next week. Hooray!

In between skips. The previous one was filled with general rubbish, the next one will be filled with wood.
IMG_1183 (1).jpg
Hard to get a sense of scale: that’s my house in that truck, and car beside


The entire front gable is gone, so bye-bye boys’ room. Chimney breasts don’t take very long either!

The back door in what’s left of the kitchen looks like a portal
The view from down the road
The Incredible Disappearing House
Gemma’s room looking a little breezy

The camera got a little knocked when the garage was made watertight.


Gillian’s room is gone. Funny that when she saw it had disappeared, she said she didn’t feel much loss. She’s very keen to have a new room that doesn’t have mould that she can decorate and relax in. Sensible girl! We’ve now got the kids’ loo and the boys’ room on show.

an airy house
The digger parks itself on the duff bricks and gradually gains height
seeing the neighbour’s trees behind the house, and a little posing in the front
loo with a view
they’ve left light fittings and the old plastic that was keeping the elements out of the loft


Work gets right in the way of watching the house come down! It will just be photos over the next few days, but I can see that the tower and stairs are completely gone, and Gemma’s room has disappeared. It’s funny to see how the tower-extension consisted of a simple plastering over the outside bricks.

check out the lovely plaster in what was the hallway
Now it has a really airy feeling. Except for the world’s biggest bin
Gemma’s room is gone in the rear corner


Dulux felted the garage roof, and the interior is being made into a nice mess room for the guys on-site. The 18T digger arrived after a 1.5 hour holdup on the A3. After that, it was taking down section after section in the pouring rain. The demolition company had originally thought to take down the boys’ room corner first, but started with the tower instead so there will be more room for the enormous bins that arrive tomorrow. It’s amazing to walk up the lane, turn the corner and NOT see parts of the house. Bonkers!

We’re no longer allowed onsite for safety reasons. Steve reckons the house may fall, but only around its footprint. Any potential devastation is unlikely to venture past the garage or the front fence. Fingers crossed.

not allowed on site any more!



5 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Loving the loo with a view shot. It’s so odd to see your house’s innards exposed!

    I highly suggest you continue with your plaster decorating technique in the new house.


  2. Whoa! That’s serious. Hey – can I have some of those bricks? Seriously though, are you guys going to use them in the new place for anything? Or are you all anti-brick now.

    Nice birdies in the background..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, sorry, the bricks belong to the demolition company. Seems odd to sell them off only to buy other ones later, but that’s how we’re rolling.

      Didn’t notice the birdsong before! Lovely, incongruous, but lovely…..


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