Week 5


Today has been about waiting for the building control inspection and the concrete, and fingers were crossed for most of the day that they would arrive in that order.

The sides of the trenches were temporarily shuttered with big sheets of ply. The first steel reinforcements went in just fine: Jamie dropped them in using the digger and Lee coordinated. The grids have little plastic feet on them so they sit nicely in the trench.

IMG_1378 (1).jpg
the first steel footing

The footings will be about 800 mm of concrete then a couple or so courses of blocks, then bricks. The guys talk about concrete arriving in cubic metre loads.

I met Poppy the security system too.



We had a peep down the well today, and the guys are amazed at how clear the water is. Back in the day, we used to fill the paddling pool up with the well-water using Chas’ irrigation pump. All the neighbourhood kids would come round and it’s a drag that we are no longer off metering. Apparently all new houses require a water meter.  But the swimming pool was awesome, if cold!

IMG_1340 (1).jpg
down the well

The well water wasn’t the only thing filled with water though….

IMG_1341 (1).jpg
where’s that pump?

The water table is pretty high where we are! Luckily, Nic has a pump just like ours and he’s drying it out before the building control guys come round to have a look. It needs inspecting before concrete is poured.

IMG_1348 (1).jpg
steel footings being discussed by Jamie and Lee
IMG_1350 (1).jpg
the “kitchen” in our bike store

Ben brought his drone down and he got a lovely shot.

Ben and his DJI
DJI00155 - Copy.JPG
that’s a whole lot of nuthin
nerd and Nic


Macrame with steels

The steel reinforcements arrived onsite. They’re single lengths and need to be formed into the shape of the foundation channels. The guys have had a little bonfire today while waiting for the steel, and they intend to start digging tomorrow.

One thought on “Week 5

  1. Wow! Nice progress. That’s a crazy high water table you got there! But how amazing your water is so clear. Cool drone pic, too…I found you! It will be cool to see the foundation being laid. Next week?


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