Week 11


Soak-away is under the bricks. It’s a little damp around the edges. The guys have split the bricks front and back and have forklifted the back ones around the lane.

house2016.06.19 - 2.jpg

After hours, there are loads of animals that visit the site.

house2016.06.19 - 1 (1).jpg


One soak-away dug and dusted…

house2016.06.19 - 1.jpg


The bricks arrived!

house2016.06.15 - 2.jpg

The weather hasn’t been great. But Lee is a pro scout so at least he and the team are working in the mostly dry.

house2016.06.15 - 1.jpg
new uses for a DPC




One thought on “Week 11

  1. I saw a FOX! 1:31 on Mon Jun 13th. That day had a lot of animals…1:15 doves (mating pair male and female?), 1:18 black cat with white paws, lots of ravens throughout but I liked it when they had a meeting on your sand pile at 1:23.

    On Wed June 15 in the still shot of the brick delivery, that’s a lovely purple rhodie in the distance beyond your St Anne’s lamp post.

    Fun to see all the progress and the cleaned up site prepped for the bricklayers. Can’t get over the rain and mud. Cheers to your crew!


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