Week 12


Team meeting at the contractors’ this morning, so not much occurring on site. A few deliveries and some tidying in the afternoon between raindrops. Looking forward to the brick layers arriving on Monday at long last!

house2016.06.27 - 2.jpg
electrical ducts, water input, soil pipe, garage slab and dpc
house2016.06.27 - 3.jpg
18 square metres of concrete?!
house2016.06.27 - 4.jpg
loads of well-organised stuff


The heavens opened today.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 19.14.00.png

And closer to home…

house2016.06.23 - 6.jpg

house2016.06.23 - 4.jpg
garage slab and swimming pool
house2016.06.23 - 5.jpg
pipes on one end…
house2016.06.23 - 3.jpg
… and their other end
house2016.06.23 - 1 (1).jpg
monster double-whammy pump

I can’t believe our gorgeous lovely neighbour was flooded out of her house around the back of ours. She called the fire department early in the morning, but they said that they couldn’t help unless the water was in the house. It rose and rose all morning until Nic and the gang arrived at 7:30 and they were horrified. At 9:00, we called again to say the water was up to our ankles. We tried to save ornaments and curtains, but walking around the house was like walking on a waterbed with a rising lake under the carpets which are now ruined.¬†Hopefully, with Nic, Lee and the guys moving countless numbers of our bricks to jack up her furniture, she might have salvaged some of it. The guys were incredible and we’re very grateful to them for stepping up and giving her a hand.

house2016.06.23 - 2.jpg

By evening the waters had diminished a little, but the pumps will be on, through the site, for some time. You can hear them in the background. There were three crews of firemen working on this and the other neighbour’s house.


Lots of stone rubble delivered and breaking up of the shuttering around the garage.

Thanks for moving the kitchen soil pipe, guys! Changing our minds yet again on the design…



All the sub contractors need to have the site prepared adequately before they work. Brick layers need to have a flat place to stand when they lay the bricks. So today was about site prep. We also had the massive pour for the garage just after break, and the finishing pour late in the day. It’s soggy work.

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