Week 16


house2016.07.24 - 6.jpg
front with piers and porch
house2016.07.24 - 5.jpg
looking down on the porch

One good decision made early on with the second (third time’s a charm!) architect was to angle the door to the study.

house2016.07.24 - 4.jpg
hall looking from left to right at the loo, study, and utility room doorways
house2016.07.24 - 3.jpg
the smallest room
house2016.07.24 - 2.jpg
kitchen space
house2016.07.24 - 1.jpg
family room


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


The walls are growing!

house2016.07.19 - 1.jpg
from the back door looking north

The guys have even delineated the interior walls. Here’s a tour:

house2016.07.19 - 2.jpg
living room
house2016.07.19 - 3.jpg
family room
house2016.07.19 - 4.jpg
house2016.07.19 - 6.jpg
front door
house2016.07.19 - 7.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 22.09.59.png
it’ll be a little cooler tomorrow
house2016.07.19 - 5.jpg
damp proof course at the front of the house


One thought on “Week 16

  1. Whoa. I tune out for a week and you guys have walls and rooms! Love the tour. What fun to see your new spaces forming. Excellent work on the angled study door – very nice. This whole house building thing is sure forcing you to keep on the front side of the wave!


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