Week 22

First off, here are a bunch of stills of animal life onsite:

stannes00007 stannes00008 stannes00006 stannes00005 stannes00004 stannes00003 stannes00002

This week has been interesting in terms of staff changeover when lots of things are going on all at once. Welcome to Paul who is looking after the site while James is on holiday after taking over from Nic (phew).

The biggest event was the arrival of concrete plank flooring for the first floor on Thursday. Paul had his work cut out in organising minimal parking at the top of road so the crane and lorry loads of planks could make the turn, and kept his team at either end of the lane while the planks were offloaded. We’ve already had one angry neighbour on the phone concerned about access and the possibility of needing an ambulance should the need arise (?). When these things happen, it does make me wonder rather why on god’s green earth, when we’re the residents who have been here the longest of any of the 12 houses down the lane bar one, we’re investing our future in an area that is becoming increasingly less and less tolerant. Does civility have to be the price we pay to live here? I hope not, and I remain firm in trying to rise above the pettiness and try to see the good in people even when they’re struggling and perhaps at their worst. But the the guys did a fantastic job, the road wasn’t blocked, and only the bus from one of the local private schools opted not to travel the extra distance to the end of the road. So all in all, a success!

Dulux was back from the initial demolition, doing his best to fend off potential parkers from the top of lane, and he was chuffed to see how the build was coming on. Hopefully we’ll see him again soon.

But before that, the last minute adjustments to the steels were put in place on Wednesday. The last minute adjustments quickly turned into a last minute replacement of every piece, but it was finished by the end of the day. The bricks team couldn’t be onsite with this much action, so it was a good time for them to take a day doing another job and the scaffold team raised the level of the boards while the steels-crane swung over their heads.

2016.09.07 - 1.jpg
crane positioning a steel over the living room on Wednesday
2016.09.07 - 2.jpg
beauty in scaffolding

The weather went from oppressive and overcast in the morning to weirdly-oppressive and gloriously sunny in the afternoon on Wednesday.

2016.09.07 - 3.jpg
raised scaffold all ready for first floor planks


2016.09.09 - 3.jpg
second crane in a week, this one for planks on Thursday
2016.09.09 - 4.jpg
and here’s a plank

The team worked seamlessly with one guy on the truck sorting the lifting chains and two guys on the roof putting the planks in place.


5 thoughts on “Week 22

  1. Dear Neighbor,
    It would be nice to meet you under more pleasant circumstances. The trucks for your build did in fact, block the road. I had someone run to my house around 7:50am saying if I did not get my car out NOW that we would be blocked in and have no access. We hopped in the car and my son had several items missing on only the second day of school. Your neighbors would be more accomodating and friendly if the proper license had been obtained by your builder because we would have had more notice. The last time the road was blocked, your elderly, infirm neighbor was unable to drive to the village centre for her medical appointment. Your builder is now mocking people impacted which is rude. The ACS School bus could not get through and the kids were late to school. So I hope you do take care in the future and if you would like friendly relations how about introducing yourselves to your newer neighbors as you haven’t lived here in about 2 years.


    1. I am very sorry that you were inconvenienced on the day the crane arrived. I appreciate your frustration at the bus not being able to get down the lane to your gate to take your son to school. I assure you that our contractor and the team onsite are doing their utmost to minimise disruption. I understand that you have been in touch with the contractor already, so if you have further concerns, please feel free to contact them directly and we will all try to make the rest of the project as unobtrusive for you as possible.


      1. Dear Neighbor,
        I would kindly insist that your builder refrain from road blockages during the school run. The developer has shown absolutely no interest in incorporating residents concerns so you might be a more reasonable party to contact. Regards.


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