Week 34

Not many visits to site this week, but that doesn’t mean work isn’t occurring. James, Josh and Terry have been busy putting up the facias and soffits. They’ve been organising to have the flooring put up in the loft and the space is looking really good.

I’m so glad we decided to rebuild the front trusses into a more open arrangement. Although the guys have done an amazing job of making the most of the space in the other loft areas, the bit over Gillian’s room will be great for storing larger pieces and will eventually be our go-to place for suitcases and Christmas decorations.

loft space looking north
loft space looking south–this is where the water tank will live
loft space looking west–through the vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom
final touches on soffits and facias in the upstairs hallway
finished woodwork looking east
portrait of Terry
roof ventilation, facia and oak frame in master bedroom

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