Week 37

Underfloor heating and concrete screed went down on the ground floor this week. There wasn’t much going on up on the roof this week, so James kindly moved the timelapse camera to a better spot.

underfloor heating set onto the Celotex

it’s 3 degrees and these guys are in short sleeves

loaded by wheelbarrow


lines of scaffold, oak and insulation
The guys have worked really hard to get the building closed up for Christmas. Closing up the site over the break gives us a chance to stand in the building and visualise the space so we can make good decisions about socket placement and future furniture. The goal is to make as many decisions as possible while the site is shut so we don’t hold things up come January.

We didn’t find any creatures when we came by, but I don’t think we were the first in after the concrete was laid.

critter prints in torchlight

One thought on “Week 37

  1. Watching the guy smooth the concrete in the Tues Dec 20 video was very satisfying. How does the underfloor heating work? Is the tubing for hot water?


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