Week 41

Lots of decisions in the background. Lots of cold cold weather.

Underfloor heating upstairs, wiring for the alarm system and sorting most of the first fix electrics was the name of the game this week. The window guys had a break and returned to base for a week while we wait for the next shipment of windows.

The guys came to screed the first floor, and they couldn’t get into their shed in the morning because it was frozen shut at -8 C. They rescheduled for Saturday only to find that it was still -6 C and the pipes onsite had frozen leaving them waterless.  They worked around it by running the hot water to make up their mix through the space heater. Nice. But they managed.

house201701.24 - 4.jpg
future toastiness
Not many photos onsite this week. The kids have university interviews, with lots of travel hither and thither, some of the team are on holiday this week making for a lack of meetings, and there is a lot of stuff going on for me at work. Work gets right in the way of site visits. And all that frozen scaffolding makes for a pretty challenging time onsite.

The windows are lovely, but I feel we may have cut too many corners by not having enough openings in the master bedroom and the hallway where the tall windows are. We’ll see.

Now, back to the electrical drawings.


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