Week 54

The roofers came back to relocate the club tiles and the whole tile hanging face is almost there. There are six rows above the club tiles and six rows below, but it still seems a little low, so I think they’ll be back. house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 1.jpg

And I haven’t taken a photo of the front door for a while, so just to remember what it looks like, here’s an image out of the winter shadow an in the sun now that spring is here.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 5.jpg

Other parts of the exterior of the building are coming along too. The nice weather helps to make the site look good, and the guys are doing a great job of keeping everything tidy. And when they’re in the middle of a job, most of the bits and pieces are kept together and out of other trades’ ways. It’s amusing to see little empires of woodwork, electrical bits, decorating, and piping in different rooms.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 8.jpg
artsy wheelbarrows
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 9.jpg
electrical detritus in the front porch
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 12.jpg
panels are coming on

The roofers finished the scalloping on the back windows. They’ve only got the garage flat roof and the club tiles to go.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 24.jpg
sunny scalloping on the back of the house

The garage door arrived–hooray! The installers were super jolly and put the thing up in a day. There was a massive design moment at the beginning of the project when we had to decide if to make the door high and bespoke as it is, or to make it a standard size with a brick soldier course on top. The higher door keeps the top in line with the tops of the windows along the face, but it was the expensive option, and I hope that you agree that it makes sense to spend the extra cash on the extra height.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 25.jpg
door arrival
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 6.jpg
door installed

The plumbing team has been quietly getting on with the boiler and fittings all without any fuss whatsoever. It’s funny to come to site, say good morning to Sid who’s mostly been doing this final bit, and for him to get right down to business with a fast-paced “Now, where do you want this exterior tap?” These guys don’t hang around! But you can see that the services are all ready to go in a happy configuration of geometry.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 7.jpg
boiler arrangement
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 15.jpg
tap located on the garage wall

The Sparks have been working hard on the trunking while the other trades are busy in other rooms. They’d rather be cutting out holes for LED down-lights, but this needs doing as well, so now the cables are set in trunking within the coats cupboard. How we finish this area is up for grabs as it’s not plastered. But trunking and plaster don’t usually mix and the whole wall will be painted to seal in the dust, then boxed in to finish it off.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 21.jpg

The kitchen arrived at the appointed hour without fanfare; just a couple of guys who quietly discovered that there was no trolley packed in with the kitchen units. The only solution was to carry each unit by hand, so Artur simply slung them on his back and carried them in. It turned out that he was in charge of fitting the units and most of the appliances as well in the coming week.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 13.jpg
that’s the kitchen in there
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 14.jpg
bit of rubble doesn’t get in the way
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 10.jpg
before the kitchen arrives
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 16.jpg
the contents of the truck land in the kitchen space
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 26.jpg
appliances and more kitchen units

Eventually Artur fitted the whole thing single-handedly. I’ve never had a kitchen this nice and it’s a real luxury. Or hopefully it will be if we made the right decisions. I said to Dave onsite this week that when asked if I was excited about all this recent action that a very large part of me doesn’t want to look at it while it’s being installed in case I change my mind or don’t like some part of the design. But the other part of me is jumping up and down inside and really excited about running the family from this little area.

Some bits like the humungous drawers make it feel really usable and very real. I recall Auntie Eileen saying she really hoped that I’d make a good go of the kitchen when we finally got round to doing the house. That was a very kind thought and I hope she would approve of this incarnation.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 2.jpg
magic drawers
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 3.jpg
three days of work and it’s almost all in — amazing

We knew that the overhang on the peninsula was going to be tight with regard to the big dining table in the room, but it’s only now that the units are in that we can line up a mock table to get a feel for the size. One of the things yet to do is site the pendant and LED spots over it. This isn’t easy and requires a fair degree of commitment on table location. We haven’t quite decided where the lights should be, but one thing is for sure: the overhang and the table together don’t provide enough space to get around comfortably, so the overhang will have to go. That means my two bar stools will go too.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 4.jpg
burlap mock table

Part of the ironmongery order arrived last week and was installed while we were away. It’s nice to go around and be surprised by the existence of doors. Sometimes it’s the boundaries that make the space feel like well-defined areas. One nice touch was a set of parliament hinges on the family room doubles.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 11.jpg
that’a nice hinge

The shower trays went in while we were away too. We wanted the master ensuite tray to be 100 mm bigger than the well was built for, and this was always going to be a problem with the underfloor heating. The idea was to chip out enough of the concrete floor to accommodate the tray while avoiding puncturing the heating tubing set in the concrete. This was a tricky job that James wasn’t too keen on doing. I wouldn’t be keen on it either; I recall the words “catastrophic” and “potential” and “failure” being used in discussions about this bit. But it was done, and done very well as usual, and the trays are all in sitting in their seals of silicon.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 22.jpg
shower tray

The decorators started with the Marble White in the bedrooms, and the skirting went in.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 23.jpg
white on white in Bed 05

The stairs arrived as well.

house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 17.jpg
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 18.jpg
bottom treads
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 19.jpg
CNC’d area to fit treads…
house 2017.04.26 week 54 - 20.jpg
… and the bit that fits into it

Lots of decisions behind the scenes, and we’re not keeping up with the pace. The pressure is on and everyone can see the horizon now!

One thought on “Week 54

  1. It’s great to see your command center taking shape thanks to Artur, who is yet another amazing artisan in your cadre of fabulous tradesmen. The stairs look much too nice to allow anyone to use them — keep the ladder handy.

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