Week 62

Welcome to Week 62 in our 36 Week project…. It’s all about finishing now.

house 2017.06.16 - 17.jpg
bathroom niches have their lights
house 2017.06.16 - 20.jpg
tiled flooring is down in the bathrooms, but no shower screens yet
house 2017.06.16 - 16.jpg
fiddly short tiles cut to finish the floor, but no mirror
house 2017.06.16 - 15.jpg
master vanity unit has been moved, but no lights
house 2017.06.16 - 23.jpg
Rich tiled the utility splashback ..
house 2017.06.16 - 22.jpg
.. and started the tiling in the kitchen

house 2017.06.16 - 25.jpg

house 2017.06.16 - 6.jpg
looks much more kitchen-like; requests for moral support go unheeded…

Lots of pressure to Buy Things like… doorbells. Have you ever given much thought to them? The button bit can be a nice design piece, and there are many many different types to choose from. But the ringer, chime, sounder, whatever you call it, has three flavours: school bell, electric programmable with a bijillion different “songs”, or an antique from eBay. We went for a chrome schoolbell in the end. Boring, but necessary.

house 2017.06.16 - 7.jpg
doorbell: brick mounted or doorframe mounted?
house 2017.06.16 - 8.jpg
garden getting cleared gradually
house 2017.06.16 - 1.jpg
tiling and water butt
house 2017.06.16 - 4.jpg
thinking herb garden thoughts
house 2017.06.16 - 5.jpg
more herbs: got a recommendation or favourite to share in comments below?
house 2017.06.16 - 2.jpg
horrible scary crack filled
house 2017.06.16 - 3.jpg
security lights installed
house 2017.06.16 - 18.jpg
oak beam in lieu of bricks to support garage installed

There was an area on the back porch where the supports under the structural oak were slightly shy of the windows leaving a 20 mm gap. There was 10 mm tolerance generally for windows abutting to structure in the specification, and the guys managed to put it all on one side, making the 20 mm of air. The windows were installed just after Christmas, and this gap had been glaring at us ever since. One transgression for the Quirky House Police, but it’s filled now and looks much better.

house 2017.06.16 - 26.jpg
Paul filled the gap with surgical precision
house 2017.06.16 - 27.jpg
plinth splits for guttering downpipes restored

The bricklayers elevate their work to an artform. I hope that they’ve enjoyed working on this place, because they’ve had a lot to think about. Mind you, this week’s daily quizzes were mostly about war films which really tested my memory of dates, battles and geography. Oh yeah, ….. and what is the only airport in the States with an actual airplane in it? And whom is it named after? But check out the symmetry around every wall and detail as you look at any photo with bricks in. Genius.

house 2017.06.16 - 9.jpg
study is finished with flooring and electrics
house 2017.06.16 - 12.jpg
massive patch panel in the utility room to centralise all the data points
house 2017.06.16 - 13.jpg
fireplace with temporary buildout, but the room looks miles better with a coat of paint
house 2017.06.16 - 19.jpg
colours look alright in the kitchen into family room — Dulux Trade is A-OK
house 2017.06.16 - 14.jpg
master bedroom detail
house 2017.06.16 - 24.jpg
wardrobe rails in
house 2017.06.16 - 11.jpg
electrics are getting there one socket at a time, but not sure about the labelling…

We’re moving in on the Thursday of week 63. In theory. Kitchen commissioning on Monday morning, air permeability test in the afternoon. Tuesday is the contractor’s last formal day on the interior. Wednesday is cleaning, and Thursday we’re in.

When we first started this project I had visions of the finished product being presented in a more defined way. I kinda expected a ta-da! moment. I thought we’d have some time to think about the job, to go around with the contractor in a logical way to see if anything was overlooked, to snag it, to rectify the snags, and to move in with a huge smile. As it is, it’s rushed, the project manager is on holiday, the electricians are still (incredibly shockingly and disappointingly) not finished, snagging hasn’t started, the air-test is going on unsupervised and might fail our SAP calcs for us, and there is still a ton of work to do outside both within and outside the contract. Like, there is no drive and no lawn, but these will be done by others. There are no curtains, yet. And, strangely, there is no TV aerial which somehow counts as AV equipment which was conveniently client-specified but not highlighted until now.

There have been many parts of this project when we’ve seen our naive decisions come to fruition, and some have worked out just fab and the product is marvellous. But mostly, I really just haven’t wanted to look at bits and pieces in case we’d made a poor stab at something. I feel far more fear than excitement or pleasure at moving in just now. Maybe it’s just the fact we’re coming to the end of a period of exam hell with the kids and staffing challenges with the business all at once conveniently coordinated with the week we’re moving in. Maybe it’s because it’s the hottest week of the year. Maybe it’s that the budget is starting to burst at the seams. Maybe in five years’ time this feeling of unease and self-doubt will have morphed imperceptibly into something more comfortable, settled and positive. I hope my future self laughs heartily on reading today’s momentary dip in my attempt to retain a consistently high level of relentless positivity throughout this long journey. This future self will be enormously grateful and very happy in our family home that we’ve had built the way we wanted and was intended to provide the centre of gravity for the six of us at least for many many years to come.


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