Week 85

The contractors are back this week to sort out immediate Stuff. These include things like painting the garage floor and filling large gaps in blockwork in the walls out there, fixing the rainwater diverters, sorting my neighbour's drive, and changing the loft boards. What's been lacking on our side is any kind of oversight or … Continue reading Week 85

Week 58

Without going into too much drama about tempers flaring, lines of communication being tested, inspections on the edge and deadlines looming, ..., despite all this, it's all mostly going to plan. This week's post will be mostly pictorial as I'm struggling to write anything at all coherent in the rush to finish this project. Loose ends include … Continue reading Week 58

Week 4

Friday On site, the guys have been waiting for the steel reinforcements before digging. So they've tidied and sorted things like the water and electricity supply, the shrubbery, and making cozy the tea-hut/garage in the meantime. https://youtu.be/7DLkj4arhRM https://youtu.be/dWFe3w_YxYo I'm leaving out all the paperworky-type drama like negotiating with the contractor to get into a contract, dealing … Continue reading Week 4

Week 3

Saturday Gone. Friday I couldn't come down and take photos today, so the only thing recording was the time-lapse. It's great that the whole thing carries on regardless! Thanks very much, Alan and the team! https://youtu.be/llHiNuRx1gs Thursday We were due to go off to look at universities today, but we couldn't leave before checking in … Continue reading Week 3

Week 1

Friday The demolition team has begun in earnest. Their plan is to access the roof from inside (no ladders!) to remove the chimneys and edge tiles that are concreted in. They will remove the ridge, then the whole roof will unzip. After the roof, they'll remove the overhanging first floor extension by hand. It's a safety … Continue reading Week 1