Week 51

Ben had the drone out and it's great to finally see the roof in its glory. Here's a visual progress report from the get go. And these.... Tony had the fire on early in the week, so he kindly invited Ben and me to have a look at making balusters. Each of these is completely hand made … Continue reading Week 51

Week 21

We've come a long way in this build.... The guys had a lot going on after the bank holiday: steels, cranes, personnel changes, rain. They've been steadily going upwards and we've been cracking on with decisions. We're mostly there on bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace and roof tiles. We're getting there on flooring and wall tiles. The steels … Continue reading Week 21

Week 5

Friday Today has been about waiting for the building control inspection and the concrete, and fingers were crossed for most of the day that they would arrive in that order. The sides of the trenches were temporarily shuttered with big sheets of ply. The first steel reinforcements went in just fine: Jamie dropped them in … Continue reading Week 5