Week 72

"I've started so I'll finish." -- Magnus Magnusson I've lost track of time a little. In the three weeks of radio silence since I've last posted, we've hired an additional contractor, work has begun on the post-flood remedial works, and we've hauled the family off to Turkey for a couple of weeks of sailing R&R. … Continue reading Week 72

Week 65

I had a minor surgical procedure a good few years ago which went all a bit pear-shaped in recovery. On speaking to the surgeon, who was a really nice chap despite my setback, it turned out that this particular complication was a one in a bijillion type of thing to happen. Really rare, definitely unexpected. … Continue reading Week 65

Week 56

The kitchen is in. There are a few teething problems, but I'm sure it's nothing that won't be overcome in time. The most imperative thing that needs a little attention is the presence of the hole that's been drilled for the ducting. James had organised a massive 7" core drill to be onsite for the … Continue reading Week 56