Week 65

I had a minor surgical procedure a good few years ago which went all a bit pear-shaped in recovery. On speaking to the surgeon, who was a really nice chap despite my setback, it turned out that this particular complication was a one in a bijillion type of thing to happen. Really rare, definitely unexpected. … Continue reading Week 65

Week 62

Welcome to Week 62 in our 36 Week project.... It's all about finishing now. Lots of pressure to Buy Things like... doorbells. Have you ever given much thought to them? The button bit can be a nice design piece, and there are many many different types to choose from. But the ringer, chime, sounder, whatever … Continue reading Week 62

Week 58

Without going into too much drama about tempers flaring, lines of communication being tested, inspections on the edge and deadlines looming, ..., despite all this, it's all mostly going to plan. This week's post will be mostly pictorial as I'm struggling to write anything at all coherent in the rush to finish this project. Loose ends include … Continue reading Week 58

Week 56

The kitchen is in. There are a few teething problems, but I'm sure it's nothing that won't be overcome in time. The most imperative thing that needs a little attention is the presence of the hole that's been drilled for the ducting. James had organised a massive 7" core drill to be onsite for the … Continue reading Week 56

Week 48

Goodbye scaffolding! It took three days to get all the gear down, and now we can see the whole building. No scaffolding in the way means that Terry and Josh can get on with building the roof for the garage. This is a wiggly little beast that has had Terry brushing off his thinking cap to calculate … Continue reading Week 48

Week 8

Friday Hooray! Concrete has been a real headache. Lee was anxious to get back on site today and make some real progress to finish the job. So close!...only one more trench to dig out. Having a silo onsite would have been the alternative, but the guys thought that since the concrete depot is only a couple miles down the … Continue reading Week 8

Week 7

Friday The percolation test is carrying on: 1 hr 55 minutes to drop sufficiently. That's a blindingly fast rate of 1mm every 50 seconds or so. The average speed of a snail (Cornu aspersum) is 1.3 mm/s, and this is 0.2, or 6.5 times slower. The literature suggests a time of 24 seconds. Ha! Looks like … Continue reading Week 7

Week 6

Thursday More digging, more cement, and more digging. https://youtu.be/xgO1-L3Mpqk At least it's warmer now, and the guys can dig longer trenches without concern that they'll cave in while they're waiting for the cement to arrive. One interesting thing is that the test bricks have arrived. These will be made into a panel for inspection. We'll … Continue reading Week 6