Week 42

Roof tiles arrived this week. Spencer and his team used the tile-escalator, or Bumpa, to haul 10,000 tiles up to the roof. That is TEN THOUSAND. A totally bonkers number. We're very happy with the colour. Although we didn't use a huge mix of colours in the end, having gone for mostly Heritage, Michelmersch, they … Continue reading Week 42

Week 36

Hip Hip Hooray it's week 36! Well,...... Tim said early on not to worry and that the Christmas lights would be on. And they are! We've got a tree with lights--what's the problem?! The roofing guys even built us a present out of battening to go under the tree. Despite the amended programme, this has … Continue reading Week 36

Week 31

Mid-November and it's getting really really cold. The rental house's main valve to the ground floor radiators decided to give up the ghost this week just to make things interesting. Not quite a frost on the inside of the windows state of affairs, but it's certainly cold underfoot when making that first cup of tea in … Continue reading Week 31

Week 30

We're really lucky to live here. The roof continues to grow, ungrow and regrow. Dave and Terry spent some time last week discussing the design of the dormers, and as a result the first one they built had to be rebuilt. But Terry, James and Josh worked hard despite the drop in temperature and by the end … Continue reading Week 30

Week 24

Friday A visit to the joinery company that is doing the stairs, the oak subframes for the windows and the external doors. Paul is our Area Manager and he's always said to come on down and have a visit. As we're getting to some crunch points with decisions, it sounded a great time to scoot … Continue reading Week 24

Week 21

We've come a long way in this build.... The guys had a lot going on after the bank holiday: steels, cranes, personnel changes, rain. They've been steadily going upwards and we've been cracking on with decisions. We're mostly there on bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace and roof tiles. We're getting there on flooring and wall tiles. The steels … Continue reading Week 21