Week 58

Without going into too much drama about tempers flaring, lines of communication being tested, inspections on the edge and deadlines looming, ..., despite all this, it's all mostly going to plan. This week's post will be mostly pictorial as I'm struggling to write anything at all coherent in the rush to finish this project. Loose ends include … Continue reading Week 58

Week 45

Early birds, these guys. On my way to meet the electrician at a lazy 7:30 am, I saw that they'd already had a delivery that was just departing down the lane. More oak arrived late yesterday via Neil and his Land Rover with trailer; it's always a pleasure to have him onsite. These pieces will cover the … Continue reading Week 45

Week 24

Friday A visit to the joinery company that is doing the stairs, the oak subframes for the windows and the external doors. Paul is our Area Manager and he's always said to come on down and have a visit. As we're getting to some crunch points with decisions, it sounded a great time to scoot … Continue reading Week 24

Week 21

We've come a long way in this build.... The guys had a lot going on after the bank holiday: steels, cranes, personnel changes, rain. They've been steadily going upwards and we've been cracking on with decisions. We're mostly there on bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace and roof tiles. We're getting there on flooring and wall tiles. The steels … Continue reading Week 21

Week 20

Friday We say goodbye to Nic and Justin and thank them very much for everything they've done for us. They're great guys, keeping the build rolling along all together despite significant challenges that would flummox any mere mortal, and they still manage to make us laugh. Best of luck in the future, guys. Welcome aboard Tim and … Continue reading Week 20