Week 61

Clinton celebrated a penultimately significant birthday on the weekend by going back to school: blacksmithing school. He's always happiest when he's making and building and doing. So with some stout shoes and safety glasses, off he went to the Quinnells' at Fire and Iron to get stuck in to Make Stuff.  The course was about … Continue reading Week 61

Week 50

Spring is springing on the way to site. While the weather improves and we're thinking about trenches, services and meters, here are some pix of the outside of the house. The problem with glazing bar alignment across the two planes of windows in the front bay that we had back in Week 42 has been resolved. Thank … Continue reading Week 50

Week 45

Early birds, these guys. On my way to meet the electrician at a lazy 7:30 am, I saw that they'd already had a delivery that was just departing down the lane. More oak arrived late yesterday via Neil and his Land Rover with trailer; it's always a pleasure to have him onsite. These pieces will cover the … Continue reading Week 45

Week 44

  The roof is almost finished. Spencer asked me if I was happy with the course of cloaking tiles that will sit between the oak gables below and the roof tiles above. He's added a layer of Welsh slate secured underneath to prevent the roof from wobbling as the oak settles. They'll be mortared in … Continue reading Week 44

Week 42

Roof tiles arrived this week. Spencer and his team used the tile-escalator, or Bumpa, to haul 10,000 tiles up to the roof. That is TEN THOUSAND. A totally bonkers number. We're very happy with the colour. Although we didn't use a huge mix of colours in the end, having gone for mostly Heritage, Michelmersch, they … Continue reading Week 42

Week 12

Friday Team meeting at the contractors' this morning, so not much occurring on site. A few deliveries and some tidying in the afternoon between raindrops. Looking forward to the brick layers arriving on Monday at long last! https://youtu.be/r5gPXohJ6NE Thursday The heavens opened today. And closer to home... I can't believe our gorgeous lovely neighbour was … Continue reading Week 12

Week 11

Friday Soak-away is under the bricks. It's a little damp around the edges. The guys have split the bricks front and back and have forklifted the back ones around the lane. https://youtu.be/hD7gMc2DIqg After hours, there are loads of animals that visit the site. Thursday One soak-away dug and dusted... https://youtu.be/Frj3vUdf46I Wednesday https://youtu.be/95kAGuKVIWg The bricks arrived! https://youtu.be/OrUmqxjqSd4 The … Continue reading Week 11