Week 8

Friday Hooray! Concrete has been a real headache. Lee was anxious to get back on site today and make some real progress to finish the job. So close!...only one more trench to dig out. Having a silo onsite would have been the alternative, but the guys thought that since the concrete depot is only a couple miles down the … Continue reading Week 8

Week 6

Thursday More digging, more cement, and more digging. https://youtu.be/xgO1-L3Mpqk At least it's warmer now, and the guys can dig longer trenches without concern that they'll cave in while they're waiting for the cement to arrive. One interesting thing is that the test bricks have arrived. These will be made into a panel for inspection. We'll … Continue reading Week 6

Week 5

Friday Today has been about waiting for the building control inspection and the concrete, and fingers were crossed for most of the day that they would arrive in that order. The sides of the trenches were temporarily shuttered with big sheets of ply. The first steel reinforcements went in just fine: Jamie dropped them in … Continue reading Week 5

Week 4

Friday On site, the guys have been waiting for the steel reinforcements before digging. So they've tidied and sorted things like the water and electricity supply, the shrubbery, and making cozy the tea-hut/garage in the meantime. https://youtu.be/7DLkj4arhRM https://youtu.be/dWFe3w_YxYo I'm leaving out all the paperworky-type drama like negotiating with the contractor to get into a contract, dealing … Continue reading Week 4