Week 56

The kitchen is in. There are a few teething problems, but I'm sure it's nothing that won't be overcome in time. The most imperative thing that needs a little attention is the presence of the hole that's been drilled for the ducting. James had organised a massive 7" core drill to be onsite for the … Continue reading Week 56

Week 31

Mid-November and it's getting really really cold. The rental house's main valve to the ground floor radiators decided to give up the ghost this week just to make things interesting. Not quite a frost on the inside of the windows state of affairs, but it's certainly cold underfoot when making that first cup of tea in … Continue reading Week 31

Week 30

We're really lucky to live here. The roof continues to grow, ungrow and regrow. Dave and Terry spent some time last week discussing the design of the dormers, and as a result the first one they built had to be rebuilt. But Terry, James and Josh worked hard despite the drop in temperature and by the end … Continue reading Week 30

Week 22

First off, here are a bunch of stills of animal life onsite: This week has been interesting in terms of staff changeover when lots of things are going on all at once. Welcome to Paul who is looking after the site while James is on holiday after taking over from Nic (phew). The biggest event was the … Continue reading Week 22

Week 13

Friday Last year it was 37 C and people were convinced global warming was to blame. This year it's 17 C with torrential rain and people are convinced global warming is to blame. Makes it tricky for laying bricks, but the guys are cracking on. The walls of the house will be filled with this … Continue reading Week 13

Week 11

Friday Soak-away is under the bricks. It's a little damp around the edges. The guys have split the bricks front and back and have forklifted the back ones around the lane. https://youtu.be/hD7gMc2DIqg After hours, there are loads of animals that visit the site. Thursday One soak-away dug and dusted... https://youtu.be/Frj3vUdf46I Wednesday https://youtu.be/95kAGuKVIWg The bricks arrived! https://youtu.be/OrUmqxjqSd4 The … Continue reading Week 11

Week 10

Friday Wandering back from the house over the train bridge, Gareth spotted a lock on the railing. It's just as atmospheric as the Pont des Arts.... apart from the dog poo. The guys are finishing off the edges which requires a lot of cutting and mucking in. They'll be doing this into next week too. Then the … Continue reading Week 10