Week 83

The garden is almost done. Mark and Sam have finished off the back path and porch by pointing it all together. Amazing how much of a difference closing in those lines makes. The Contractor is due to return next week and fix the drive in the back amongst other things, so there's no point in … Continue reading Week 83

Week 22

First off, here are a bunch of stills of animal life onsite: This week has been interesting in terms of staff changeover when lots of things are going on all at once. Welcome to Paul who is looking after the site while James is on holiday after taking over from Nic (phew). The biggest event was the … Continue reading Week 22

Week 21

We've come a long way in this build.... The guys had a lot going on after the bank holiday: steels, cranes, personnel changes, rain. They've been steadily going upwards and we've been cracking on with decisions. We're mostly there on bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace and roof tiles. We're getting there on flooring and wall tiles. The steels … Continue reading Week 21

Week 20

Friday We say goodbye to Nic and Justin and thank them very much for everything they've done for us. They're great guys, keeping the build rolling along all together despite significant challenges that would flummox any mere mortal, and they still manage to make us laugh. Best of luck in the future, guys. Welcome aboard Tim and … Continue reading Week 20

Week 17

Thursday All hands on deck. Russell and Chris the Farmer (gotta love spellcheck; he's a Framer) came to site to check it out for delivery, progress, etc etc. The poor dog was left in the car, but we checked him at regular intervals. We should install a kennel during the build! Dave and Paul came … Continue reading Week 17

Week 16

Sunday One good decision made early on with the second (third time's a charm!) architect was to angle the door to the study.   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday https://youtu.be/pYztXC8hrOo https://youtu.be/3pQF9ru_8iU https://youtu.be/a_FuFOeSZus Tuesday The walls are growing! The guys have even delineated the interior walls. Here's a tour: https://youtu.be/QjlJz1nkLAw Monday https://youtu.be/4t_uOVEP1WI

Week 14

Friday https://youtu.be/exhn0SbXWYw Thursday https://youtu.be/3pwisFk8IHY Wednesday Met the bricklayers today. They're doing a fine job with all the symmetry and cuts aligned, and the deep raked joints making the whole thing come to life. It's glorious weather (finally), and perfect for laying and getting the all-day pub quiz in. These guys are total trivia wizards. So, can … Continue reading Week 14

Week 13

Friday Last year it was 37 C and people were convinced global warming was to blame. This year it's 17 C with torrential rain and people are convinced global warming is to blame. Makes it tricky for laying bricks, but the guys are cracking on. The walls of the house will be filled with this … Continue reading Week 13

Week 12

Friday Team meeting at the contractors' this morning, so not much occurring on site. A few deliveries and some tidying in the afternoon between raindrops. Looking forward to the brick layers arriving on Monday at long last! https://youtu.be/r5gPXohJ6NE Thursday The heavens opened today. And closer to home... I can't believe our gorgeous lovely neighbour was … Continue reading Week 12